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About Us

There are many reasons why you should visit Rhema Revealed Ministries. We are a young, vibrant, energetic ministry that embraces everyone. At Rhema, you will experience love in a refreshing way. We are real people with real issues. We are not perfect. We simply understand that we need God and we need a community that will wrap around us and love us to life. At Rhema, you wont hear just another sermon. You will receive "A Relevant Word For Your Life Now!"

Our Mission

The mission of Rhema Revealed Ministries is to use the Word of God to help individuals embrace wholeness, ensure families are restored, and build strong communities that reflect the love and heart of Christ.


Our Pastors

Justin grew up in Troy, NY and is very active in the community. He serves on the board of directors for the Oakwood Community Center. Justin works full time with children in the field of youth development. He is also the founder of Discover U Performing Arts Program, dedicated to helping youth and young adults explore their identity through expressions of performing arts. He is passionate about people and even more passionate about families. His humorous personality is contagious. Justin is commitment to the personal development and spiritual formation of the members of Rhema and demonstrates that through significant engagement with all.

Carrie, a native from Brooklyn, NY, grew up in the foster care system. Her life's experiences has shaped her significantly. Her entire career has been dedicated to helping at-risk youth and families obtain support and achieve positive outcomes.  She currently works in the field of human services in the child welfare system. She is also an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Anchor Life, LLC, personal and professional development business that seeks to help individuals, small businesses, and ministries reach their goals for success through Coaching, Consulting and more.  She is also the CEO and Founder of Foster Can, Inc.


The Relf's are a fun-loving couple. They are passionate about their community and the people they serve. They embody the meaning of sacrifice. They love hard! Your life will not be the same after spending just a few hours with these two!

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