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We Are One Big Family!

There are many reasons why you should visit Rhema Revealed Ministries. We are a young, vibrant, and energetic ministry that embraces everyone. At Rhema, you will experience love in a refreshing way. We are real people with real issues. We are not perfect and we don't try to be. We simply understand that we need God and we need a community that will wrap around us and love us to life. At Rhema, you wont hear just another sermon. You will receive "A Relevant Word For Your Life Now!"

We Want To Connect With You!

The mission of Rhema Revealed Ministries is to use the Word of God to help individuals embrace wholeness, ensure families are restored, and build strong communities that reflect the love of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us at any of our opportunities for worship and fellowship. We are hosting both in-person and virtual events.

Support our mission and vision by making a financial contribution today. All donations are for the benefit of the ministry and community. 

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